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Struggling Student in need of Tutoring at The Learning Room

Confidence | Motivation | Progress

An academic coach acts as a bridge between you, your student, and the school - connecting the dots to help you understand exactly what is expected, setting goals to meet or exceed those expectations, and coaching you through the challenges school struggles create at home. Unlike in a traditional classroom setting, a coach has the time and expertise to get to know the student individually and implement creative strategies that engage the student and get them excited about learning. 

Our coaches are experienced educators who have navigated the complexities of the school system and homeschool process and are able to accurately assess your student’s situation and coach them through their challenges with compassion and empathy. You can learn more about that process here

We specialize in difficult cases and have experience with the unique needs of homeschool and military families. Despite how dire the situation may seem, most struggles can be resolved through 1:1, personalized instruction from an academic coach who will develop a custom plan based on the student's needs and learning style. 

Partnering with an academic coach will relieve the stress and frustration you're experiencing and help restore a healthy parent-child relationship and family dynamic. Your child will become more confident, more adaptable to change, and will end the school day smiling and looking forward to the next one. 

What’s the difference between K-8 and 9-12 coaching?


You may be wondering if your high school student could benefit from academic coaching. Moving from middle to high school is a big transition, and what kids needed help with when they were younger typically changes as they go through adolescence. 


Younger students often need help building confidence and handling obstacles. They are still learning how to study and prepare for the tests - something they are expected to know but aren’t usually taught to do. An academic coach helps with these habits as well the practical math, English, and science skills.


Once they begin high school, the challenge becomes staying organized. School gets a little tougher (especially if they are prepping for college), they want to spend more time with friends or possibly working a part-time job, and sports and extracurricular activities can be more demanding. 


As they begin exploring college and career options, continuing to develop good habits and learning to find balance is incredibly important. An academic coach can help your student with time management and keeping their schoolwork high priority, in addition to helping with specific math, English, and science questions and challenges they may have. With the help of a coach, your student will have the support and tools they need to reach whatever goals they set for themselves in high school and beyond.

Our focus areas:



Math Tutoring at The Learning Room Tutoring Services
Reading Tutoring that works at The Learning Room Tutoring Services
  • Activities that push students to think critically

  • Teaching that addresses your child's math weaknesses

  • Reduction of test anxiety

  • Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Math Analysis, Probability and Statistics, Trigonometry, Calculus

  • Wilson Reading Trained

  • Dyslexia Certified 

  • Methods that create a love for reading

  • Teaching that targets the things preventing your child from being able to read on grade level

  • Books and passages are selected based on your child's interests.

Science Tutoring at The Learning Room Tutoring Services
  • Physical Science (bringing life to the study of the nonliving)

  • Earth Science (expanding horizons with the study of Earth, its waters, and the air around us)

  • Biology (clarifying the study of the living)

  • Chemistry (understanding elements and compounds and the energy that is released or absorbed in the process)

tutoring for homeschoolers at The Learning Room Tutoring Services For Homeschoolers
  • Working as a co-teacher with homeschool moms and dads.

  • Teaching that respects the homeschooler’s goals and methods. 

  • Lessons and activities that develop the whole child.

K-12 Academic Coaching

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