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Propel Your Child's Learning with Our Proven Academic Growth Package

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Academic Growth Package

Two days of Academic Coaching (tutoring) a week.
60 Minute Sessions

Academic Growth Package

Our most popular package.

Who it's for

This is a great option for supporting your child's current education. This is a great fit for students who are in traditional schooling or if they are homeschooled and need a little extra support.

What's Included

Your child receives 2 hours a week of 1:1 Academic Coaching and Instruction with one of our educational experts. We match your child with the right fit teacher, who creates customized lesson plans based on your child's specific needs. Our educational experts infuse academic coaching and growth mindset into our lesson plans to help your child build resiliency and confidence and establish a positive relationship with learning. 

Your Investment

8 hours of academic instruction per month (2 per week)*


$840/Month Advanced Math

Maths above Algebra 1

*We do not increase the rate on weeks where there are 5 weeks. 


Ready to get started?

With this package, we are averaging 1.75 years of academic growth in 6 months. 


Interested, but want to chat first? 

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