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Our Process

When your child is struggling and you need to bring in extra support, the last thing you need is more confusion. Our mission is to make you and your student’s life less stressful - not more! That’s why we’ve outlined the steps in the academic coaching process as well as some of the results you can expect. And while each child is unique and the plan we create will be customized to them, here’s how it all works in a general sense:


Step 1: The assessment 

The process starts with a call to learn more about your situation and where your child is at - their strengths, weaknesses, and how it’s affecting you and your home life. We know how stressful having a struggling student can be on the entire family, and we take a holistic approach in our coaching. 


This call typically lasts about an hour, but by the end, we can usually give you a picture of what grade level your child is at and what some of the issues might be. We’ll discuss the next steps and a tentative plan of action. 


After this call, we’ll conduct an initial assessment with your student to find the areas that are causing confusion for them. These assessments are a complimentary part of our process - from here, we can both determine if it’s a fit to move forward.


Step 2: Developing a preliminary plan 

Based on the findings of the initial assessments, we’ll match you with a coach who will best fit your needs and they’ll develop a preliminary plan to get started. We find that rather than just picking up wherever they currently are in school, going back and filling in the gaps in knowledge is a better long-term strategy for success. 


It’s important to understand that depending on where your child is at, it may take some time to get them caught up and seeing tangible grade improvements. But we will be honest and transparent with you about realistic goals and what it will take to move forward.

Step 3: Adjustments as needed

As we get to know your child, we almost always identify deeper habits or thought processes keeping them from success that aren’t always readily apparent in an assessment. That’s why we call it a preliminary plan! We are also able to identify triggers and experiment with techniques and methods to help them overcome these obstacles. 


Throughout the entire coaching process, we’ll stay in communication with you to ensure needs are met and progress is being made.

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