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1:1 Academic Coaching

"It's like tutoring on steroids"

This is our 1:1 Individualized Academic Instruction Package which blends together tutoring, mindset coaching, and tailored-to-your-child lesson planning.  Through our academic coaching programs, students are able to achieve rapid growth in a short period of time. There is truly nothing else like our program in the Academic Growth Industry.

Our Results Speak For Themselves:


100% of the students we have worked with have achieved academic growth while working with our teachers. 

1.75 years

This is the average grade level growth our students make in just 6 months.  Many students make even faster progress.

2 hours

Most students work with us for only two hours per week. We focus on what actually works to get your child to their goals.


We have worked with over 300 students in our Online 1:1 Programs.

This Goes Beyond "Tutoring" and Grades...

Studies show that children who are struggling academically experience a domino effect in their lives, their mental health, their relationships, their stress levels, and their outlook on life.

When our kiddos make the transition from struggling student to confident learner, parents report less meltdowns at home, and that their kiddo is overall more confident and resilient overall.

So this isn't just about getting better grades, this is about changing your child's entire quality of life, self-image, well being, and trajectory for their future.

Who We Work With

Grade Levels and Subjects

We work with students around the world  from 4 - 18 years old at K-12 Grade Levels. We can help with reading, math, and writing -including Advanced Math, Test Prep, and Prep for College.

All Learning Environments

We work with students in ALL school settings - including public school, charter schools, private schools, homeschooling, and other non traditional schooling environments. 

All Ability Levels

We work with students of all ability levels, including neurodiverse children (ADHD, Autism), and students with learning disabilities or other physical conditions that can impact learning.

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What We Help Students With

We can help with a variety of different learning goals, and we offer a variety of services and products based on your needs and budget. Read below to see what we can help your child with:


Students Who are Struggling Academically

The majority of the students we work with are struggling academically. We help students around the world  from 4 - 18 years old at K-12 Grade Levels. We can help with reading, math, and writing.


Students with Unique Situations (Celebrities, Sports Teams)

We also work with students who have unique situations - for example, students who travel frequently as actors, for sports, or because the family travels frequently. We also work with children of celebrities, who need high level, private support that fits into your schedule. 


Students with Rigorous Academic Goals

Does your child want to take honors or AP courses? Looking for advanced support for test prep (ACT, SAT)? Want to excel academically so that you can get into the college of your choice? We can help!



Whether you're looking for support to compliment your homeschooling, or you're looking to completely outsource your homeschooling, we can help! We have a variety of different packages based on your needs and goals. 

Image by Slav Romanov

"My son advanced 4 grade levels in just 12 weeks.

We have tried private tutors, in home tutors and other big names and nothing has worked as well as The Learning Room!"  - Hannah, Happy Parent

Image by Hillshire Farm

"My daughter was able to grow two grade levels in reading in under 3 months!

During her 1st grade (homeschool) year, I discovered my daughter was struggling with phonics/reading so I enrolled her in school to give her extra support. They told me shortly after that they wanted to retain her in first grade for the upcoming school year.

I rejected that suggestion and told them that wasn’t an option and I would get her 1on1 tutoring to make sure she was ready for 2nd grade. They skeptically agreed and said they would retest her right before school started (2 1/2 months away).

I searched for a tutor and after a phone interview with Jessica, I finally settled on The Learning Room. She was personable, knowledgeable, and confident that she could help my daughter reach her goals.

Working with The Learning Room two days a week, while reinforcing lessons at home, my daughter was able to grow two grade levels in reading in under 3 months!

She returned to school and was retested, to the amazement of school administration she was at 2nd grade reading level. - Michelle W., Happy Parent

Image by Vivek Kumar

"Just in the short 3 months since he has been with them, has made HUGE progress in school.

Our son (kindergartner) has been working with one of TLR's tutors since December or 2022 and just in the short 3 months since he has been with them, has made HUGE progress in school. We solicited their service due to our child falling behind in both math and reading in a very high-paced school curriculum. His teacher had expressed many times how behind he was falling and that there was a chance he may need to repeat kindergarten despite the extra work that we were putting in at home. As of recently, his teacher no longer has those concerns and said that he is caught up. Her words, "whatever his tutor is doing is working. Whatever she is doing, keep it up".

We did have concerns with it being virtual, in the beginning, and wondered how he would do with attention span. His tutor has so many good methods and games that hold his attention and make his learning enjoyable and fun. She is experienced and knows just what to do in every situation. She is incredibly patient and kind and we are so very grateful for her and all that she has done. I would highly recommend TLR to anyone looking for a tutor. It is well worth the money! -Victoria L., happy parent

What Makes Us Different

Studies show that traditional tutoring and online programs are generally ineffective for students who are below grade level or struggling academically.

Here's how we are able to consistently help so many students make rapid academic growth:

We are results focused.

Surprisingly, not all tutors or academic coaches focus on measureable progress, which is why we have families come to us after trying other options. We identify why your child is struggling, and we create targeted instruction to help your child catch up and solve the problem for good. We also want to get your child there quickly, so that they can graduate from needing long term tutoring or coaching.

We Tailor Lesson Plans and Academic Instruction  for your child's specific needs and learning style. 

Most tutors and franchises use a cookie cutter approach to academic growth, meaning that all children at a certain grade level are doing the same lessons in the program. This wastes time - your child may be in tutoring several hours per week, but the lessons aren't actually addressing their needs. We create custom to your child instruction based on their needs and their learning style. Also, since we are certified teachers, we know how to observe a student to learn the small shifts needed to help them succeed.

We are Certified Teachers and academic growth experts.

Most franchises hire hourly staff to help your child, meaning that they actually aren't trained in teaching your child. And, even if you're working with a teacher after school or during the summer, most teachers do not have the specific expertise in helping struggling students to fill in learning gaps. And, we have yet to find another tutor, teacher, or program that has an assessment that identify exactly why a child is struggling. (many programs use assessments to place your child into a grade level, but these assessments are not showing why a child is behind, and they aren't used to curate a specific lesson plan.)

We care - a lot. 

Our mission is to help students make actual progress, because we know how life changing it is for a child to go from struggling to successful.


Sure, we could make more money and see more students by creating a generic program (like the popular franchises), but we know what actually works in helping a struggling child succeed. 

We could also hire less qualified tutors and coaches and charge less per hour- but we choose only to hire the best and deliver the highest quality instruction to our students.

We go the extra mile to ensure that our students are making true progress and growth.

Student Success Stories

Here are just a few stories from our students:

We would love to help your child achieve rapid academic growth, just like our over 300 students that we have worked with. 

How We Get Results

It's super easy to get started with us. Here are the steps:


Complete Targeted Assessment

Your child completes a targeted assessment that we have compiled, which allows us to identify exactly why your child is struggling academically. We make it fun for the kiddos - and this takes about 1 hour to complete.


We do charge for our assessments because a certified teacher that is trained in academic coaching administers the assessment, and, they are trained in building a relationship with your child so that they are comfortable with online learning, and, they are actively observing your child to take notes about their learning style. We also have to pay for a few resources for each test, so the cost of the assessment is to pay for supplies and pay the teacher. 


Our Team Follows up with Parents/Guardians

We meet with you to discuss your child's results from the assessment. We share with you their strengths, any challenges, and any learning gaps that we were able to identify. We also provide you with recommendations for next steps. This includes either DIYing your next steps at home, or continuing with us in 1:1 Academic Coaching.


You will know exactly what your child needs next to succeed academically.  Most parents choose to continue with us since we are certified teachers and can get your child to where they need to be quickly. Most of our students work with us for 2 hours per week. Some parents choose to add more hours, or, there are many homeschool parents who completely outsource their academic instruction to us. 


Choose Your Days/Times for Academic Coaching!

All you need to do next is choose your time for your child's academic coaching! We also place your student with the right fit teacher on staff, based on your subject(s), and grade levels. You do not have to participate in the weekly tutoring - most parents use those 2 hours to get other tasks done around the house, or (gasp) take a break while we work with your chil

Yes it's this easy to get your child on the path to success.

Your Investment

We are not the cheapest option out there -but we are the most effective because of our targeted approach, expert level team, and consistent results.


Our pricing reflects the high level of expertise and quality we offer. Each of our certified teachers is a seasoned expert in their field, dedicated to providing the best educational experience possible.


We pride ourselves on achieving long-term results quickly, which means that students not only improve their grades but also build a strong foundation for future learning. Investing in our services is investing in success, and we're confident that the value we provide will exceed your expectations.

Our academic coaching starts at $85/hour, with a 2 hour minimum per week. This is the most common package that yields the fastest results for our students. We do offer larger packages for parents who homeschool and want to completely outsource to us. 

How we chose this pricing: All of our coaching staff are certified teachers who also specialize specifically in academic growth. We price our services to ensure that they are compensated for their years of education and experience, plus the extensive time and energy it takes to prepare individualized lesson plans based on your child. We also want to retain this high quality team, and we compensate our teachers competitively so that they are able to support our students and their own families.

And, as with all industries, most industry leaders charge more than the average competition. We are not your average college kiddo or school teacher offering a few tutoring lessons after school. And we definitely aren't your cookie cutter franchise, who hires NON teachers to tutor their students. 

We also get results more quickly, and so we find that over time, parents are saving money by working with us for a few months, rather than spending years in tutoring or a franchise company (with no actual results).

And the bottom line - you aren't really investing in "tutoring" or "academic coaching" - you are investing in a team  of experts who can help your child make life changing shifts in their academics, their confidence, their wellness, and their future. 

So the real question is this - what is the cost of going through another school year with your child struggling and stressed? THAT'S what you're actually investing in - helping your child succeed. 

Image by Jess Bailey

Ready to get started?

We want to make sure that we are the right fit for your child's needs and goals. We like to start by chatting with you first, to make sure that we are able to help.


We only accept students that we know we can help, which is one of the reasons we have such a high success rate. If we believe another option is. a better fir for you and your child, we will provide recommendations and referrals during this call. 

If there is more than one parent/guardian, we recommend having both parents at this call, so that we can answer any questions that you have. 


Ready to see if we are the right fit for your child? Book your free consultation below! Don't see a time that works for you?


Message us on social media or using our chat button at the bottom right of this page. 

This is about more than "tutoring" and Grades..."

You are investing in a solution that allows your child to go from "struggling student" to "confident learner", which changes the trajectory of their entire life.

Studies show that when a child is struggling academically, it impacts their mental health, social relationships, stress levels, self-worth, and their future opportunities for their life. 

Our parents report that their children are more confident, less stressed, happier, and that there are less arguments and meltdowns at home once their child starts making progress. We also see that even if students work with us on one subject that they start to see growth in all subjects. 

When you choose to work with us, you are choosing an entire new future for your child and your family. 

Would you prefer to DIY Your Child's Academic Growth?

We have a new reading program coming out in July for parents to follow our academic coaching process at home! Join our email list to stay in the loop once it's available!

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