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What's an Academic Coach?


If you’re asking yourself “What is academic coaching?” you’re not the only one! The concept is relatively new and is typically applied in a few different scenarios - college prep (high school), college, and more recently, K-8. Regardless of the age group, an academic coach focuses on the root cause of a student’s learning challenges - digging into the processes, habits, and mindset that might be keeping them from reaching their potential. Once the emotional and mental needs are addressed, academic performance follows. 


When your student began to struggle at school, it’s likely you started the search for solutions with basic tutoring. Perhaps you even hired a local or online tutor but realized that it wasn’t the answer you were looking for. The truth is, most tutors typically address the surface problems or “symptoms” your student is experiencing, such as difficulty reading or mastering math facts. They’ll try flashcards, working with them one-on-one to complete homework and other traditional methods, but in most cases, there are deeper issues at play. And unless your tutor is highly experienced or an educator, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to produce the lasting turnaround you and your child are hoping for. That’s where academic coaching can help. 


At The Learning Room, our academic coaches are educators and former classroom teachers who understand what’s expected at each grade level and the common reasons why students may not be meeting standards. After evaluating your child’s situation, we develop a personalized plan based on their level, but that plan adjusts as we get to know your child and discover the reasons behind the struggle. Anxiety, a mild learning disability, and difficulty handling life changes are just a few of the possible explanations. Once we identify the cause, we are able to tailor our approach to their unique needs, utilizing creative strategies that engage them and give them the confidence they need to have a breakthrough. 


Academic coaching is for any student that isn’t responding to basic tutoring but doesn’t qualify for special assistance from the school. We specialize in reading and math, both for public school students and homeschool students. We also have experience navigating the challenges of schooling for military families. Whatever your situation may be, it’s not hopeless! It may just take a trained professional and some time to work through it, but we’re confident we can help your student meet and exceed expectations. And more importantly, enjoy learning again!

Female Student getting help from The Learning Room
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