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Now Available: A Reading Program Created Specifically for Struggling Readers

Looking for an affordable way to help your struggling reader? You're in luck! Our Reading Program is now available. Keep reading for details plus our special bonus offer if you join in July 2024
(valued at almost $300 - for free!)

Is Your Child Struggling with Reading?

If your child is struggling with reading, there is a good chance that they are missing some of the foundational skills and knowledge needed to make true academic growth. 

This is why traditional tutoring doesn’t usually work - traditional tutoring doesn’t address these core knowledge and skill gaps. Traditional tutoring is great for your child if they are on grade level and maintaining their growth, but if your child is struggling and behind grade level, there’s a good chance they need a more targeted approach. 

Of course this is what we specialize in in our 1:1 Academic Coaching Packages - our certified teachers are trained in helping struggling students make rapid growth. 

Because we hire certified teachers who have a high level of expertise, we are not the cheapest option when it comes to hiring 1:1 support. And at The Learning Room, we are working hard to make our expertise more accessible to families, no matter what your budget may be.

This is why we created our Reading Foundations Program - we have created a self-guided program that parents and guardians can use to help their children achieve academic growth at home. 

For only $47, you receive access to our reading foundations program, which allows you to go step by step with your child to fill in those learning gaps for good.

Plus, if you join by August 1st, you get 3 months access to Office Hours with our expert teachers - FOR FREE. (valued at almost $300!)

In other words, you can work with your child at home, and if you have any challenges with implementing our program, we can help guide you through and point you in the right direction - all without spending another dollar.

How to know if this is the right resource for your child:

This program goes back to the basics of phonics and fluency to fill in any gaps in learning, so that your kiddo can advance to more complex reading skills.

Here are some signs that this program is a good fit for your child:

  • Your child has trouble accurately pronouncing the sound that a letter makes. For example:

    • When you ask them what sound a W makes, they will likely say "duh" instead of "wuh".

    • Or, they pronounce a J like a G sound.

  • Your child confuses p,d, b, and q - and they take more than 10 seconds to figure the word/sound out (or just can't read the word). By the way, reversing these letters occasionally is a normal ​behavior for students up to 2nd grade level, but if they consistently mix these up or can't accurately pronounce words, then this is the right place to start. 

  • Your child struggles with level one books, such as Pete The Cat, Pinkalicious, The Fat Cat Sat on the Mat, Go Bot Go, and more.   


This program does require the support from a parent, guardian, or adult.  This is not a self led program, because we find that self led programs don't work for struggling students. 

What Makes Our Program Different

We know that you have many options when it comes to purchasing academic programs, and it can be overwhelming to know which is the right fit for your child’s needs. 

Based on our high performing program: Our reading program is based on interventions we do with our students in our academic coaching - so it is much more specific than other programs.


Repetition: other programs only go over one concept once, which doesn’t give students enough practice to truly fill in the gap in academic growth.  We build in the repitition into the lesson so that you don't have to worry about it. 


Specifically made for struggling students: Most other programs and workbooks are to help children who are at grade level, or students who want to maintain their current level.

Less time, faster results: One myth is that struggling students need to spend more time in tutoring and practice, whereas struggling students actually just need the right lesson plan. You can go through each lesson in 25 minutes or less. 

Any age can benefit from this program: Most programs are made for a specific age, whereas this program is made based on skill level and grade level. Want to see if this is the right fit for your struggling student? We created a free checklist for you to see if your struggling kiddo would benefit from this program.


There are specific steps needed to help struggling students, which is exactly why we created our own program. We designed this program based on what we know works to get children results.

Kids Running

Not Sure What Grade Level Your Child is At?

Use our free checklist to see if this is the right fit for your child!  

How the Program Works

This is an adult led resource - meaning that the parent, guardian, or another adult needs to be present and involved for this program to work.

We walk you through step by step how to help your student through each activity. In the program we have detailed instruction included to guide parents through the program with their child. 

We also offer office hours each month, where parents can hop in and ask questions if needed. 

We constructed the lesson plans and activities in a specific sequence to help your student develop a solid foundation. We have created different variations for students at different ages, and we also created a variation for English Language Learners (ELL). 

Teachers and tutors: You can also purchase this program to use with your students, too! Click this link for the teacher/tutor version.

Sneak Peek: Parent Instructions


What's Included:

This program includes 5 units, with 3 lessons in each unit (15 lessons total)

Once you purchase the program,  you can get started right away, guiding your child through each lesson. No teaching experience required!


Each lesson takes less than 25 minutes, and most students finish more quickly. We designed this program to be as simple as possible, so that you can work on with your child all while balancing your busy schedule. 


We also help you create a "tutoring schedule", and we include a bonus training on how to keep your student engaged and having fun throughout these lessons. 

These aren't just random lessons; each unit is designed based on what the research says about helping struggling students succeed. We walk you through each step of the way so that you can help your struggling kiddo make rapid growth.  

Studies show that students need to repeat a concept 3 times in order to master a skill or reading concept. We designed each lesson with repetition in mind, so all you need to do is open the lesson and follow what it says. 

We start with the sound, then the words, then you will help your kiddo use their new skill in a sentence. 

If your kiddo needs more help, you can always go back and repeat the lesson. You will be able to see your kiddo make the growth, and watch their confidence levels go up with each lesson. 

Bonus for July 2024: We also have monthly office hours with our teachers twice a month, where you can ask questions and receive feedback from one of our academic growth experts. And, once you're in the reading program, you will be able to comment directly on a lesson if you need help.  If you choose to purchase this program in July 2024, you will receive 3 months of free access to our office hours (you save almost $300!)



We also have created 3 different versions of this program to make sure that our lessons are accessible to all learners.

Letter Reversal Version: Does your child struggle with letter reversals (like p,d,b,q or j/g or w/d).  or dyslexia? We created a specialized unit to help your child succeed with this in mind.

A Version for English Language Learners: We created this version for families whose primary language is not English, to help provide extra support for reading basics while learning English.

Base Version: This is the standard program for students who are English Speakers and don't frequently reverse letters. This can be used for students of all ages- we designed this program so that struggling students of all ages can feel welcome and included.

The Long Term Benefits of Academic Growth

Research shows that this goes beyond "tutoring", "grades," and academic growth - this is about empowering your child to feel confident about learning, and about themselves.

Studies show that when a child is struggling academically, it impacts their mental health, social relationships, stress levels, self-worth, and their future opportunities for their life. 

Once the learning foundations are in place and your child is no longer struggling, your child can begin to enjoy learning, and a whole world of opportunities open up for them once they are succeeding academically. 

Why Join Now

Right now we are offering 3 months FREE in our Office Hours community (valued at $97/month, almost $300 in savings!). This allows you to work directly with our academic experts twice a month to ask questions and learn how to best support your child. 

This bonus offer is available for July 2024 only. 

Prefer to work with us in a 1:1 Setting?

We get it! Send us a message and let's chat about your goals and if/how we can help.

We would love to help you help your child become a confident reader.

Join our Reading Foundations Program today to get started!

Jessica Bradley

Founder of The Learning Room

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