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Results, Testimonials, & Client Success Stories

Our Results:
What the Data shows

At The Learning Room, we measure academic growth to ensure that your child is making progress while they are working with us.

Every student we have worked with has made academic progress, with an average of achieving 1.5 years of growth in just 6 months of working with us.

Most of our students work with our educational experts only 2 hours per week to achieve this result. 

Yes you read that correctly - in just 6 months of working with us for 2 hours per week, our average student growth rate is 1.5 GRADE LEVELS.

What we also see is that students are more confident, enjoy learning more, and stress levels go down. 

Parents report less struggles, tantrums, and arguments when it comes to school, learning, and homework.

Because of this improved confidence, we also see that students make progress in other subjects outside of what we are working on in The Learning Room.

Our Results
Student Growth and Achievement


of our students achieve significant academic growth as a result of working with us.


The amount of grade levels our students make in growth in just 6 months

(on average)


The typical amount of hours spent per week per student to achieve this growth.


All of our students report across-the board growth and increased self confidence after working with us.

What Parents Are Saying

This is the first time I have used this company for tutoring. My daughter was very nervous about this type of tutoring. Her tutor has been great and has helped her so much with math! I would recommend them!

-Fran Fredell

My son has struggled academically for a LONG time, especially with reading. I came across Mrs. Jessica by chance, and decided to giver her a try since I had exhuasted numerous other options. My son, 13 years old, looks forward to his sessions. He has more confidence in himself than he ever has. We appreciate The Learning Room! You have done wonders for Scotty!

-Jennifer Sorey 

Our son (kindergartner) has been working with one of TLR's tutors since December or 2022 and just in the short 3 months since he has been with them, has made HUGE progress in school. We solicited their service due to our child falling behind in both math and reading in a very high-paced school curriculum. His teacher had expressed many times how behind he was falling and that there was a chance he may need to repeat kindergarten despite the extra work that we were putting in at home. As of recently, his teacher no longer has those concerns and said that he is caught up. Her words, "whatever his tutor is doing is working. Whatever she is doing, keep it up".

-Victoria Lemmon 

I highly recommend The Learning Room! Jessica is an amazing tutor. My son was struggling to learn math concepts and he would get so frustrated at the thought of doing math. Within a couple weeks of tutoring with Jessica, I noticed a huge difference. All of a sudden things were clicking for him. We are a few months in and my son is able to do his school math assignments independently and I can tell he has a much deeper understanding of math concepts. His confidence has improved so much and he enjoys his online tutoring lessons! As a parent, I appreciate the convenience of online tutoring and it’s proven to be very effective. Thank you, Jessica!

-Lisa Naputi

Star Student Spotlights


From struggling to read and write to above grade level performance

Check out Will's learning journey on our blog

Maddie Spotlight.jpg

From no improvement in math for years to advancing half a grade level in just 2 months

Check out Maddie's journey on our blog

Mira 1.jpeg

From 4th/5th grade level to almost 7th grade level in math in 5 months

Check out Mira's journey on our blog


From 3rd grade reading level to 8th grade in just 1 year

Check out Scotty's journey on our blog

Reading Together

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