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Mother and Daughter on the computer chatting with The Learning Room about their academic coaching services to support the daughters learning.

The Learning Room in the Press

The Virginian Pilot

Virginia tries to address complaints as it adds $30 million to learning recovery grants.


Jessica Bradley is the owner of The Learning Room, which specializes in closing the academ

Podcast Guest: The Dream Life and Business Podcast

Join Sarah and Jessica for this podcast interview where they talk about Educational Growth and Academic Coaching and supporting K-12 students to truly thrive when it comes to education and learning.

Jessica is the owner of The Learning Room, which provides customized academic coaching and instruction globally to K-12 students through their customized, assessment & student driven programs. The Learning Room boasts a 100% growth rate for all of their students, meaning that every student that works with them achieves significant growth.

What makes The Learning Room especially unique is that they serve students from all academic settings. Whether a child is homeschooled, unschooled, or in a more traditional public or private school setting, Jessica's team works with each student and family to identify their strengths and areas for growth to achieve long term growth and results, all while building their self-confidence and problem solving abilities.

The Learning Room can help children catch up who are below grade-level, and support students who are grade level and want to maintain or improve their academic success. Jessica's team also specializes in supporting homeschool families with 1:1 academic coaching and instruction, and works with entrepreneurial families and child athletes who need academic support that works with their lifestyle, travel, and need for flexibility around their busy schedules.


You can learn more at, or follow Jessica and her team on Instagram and facebook @thelearningroom.

New Episode of The Dream Life and Business Podcast with Sarah Buehner. Academic Coaching and Supporting Students While You Live your Dream Life. A conversation with Educational Growth Expert Jessica Bradley. Jessica Discusses her journey in small business with Sarah and how she has become known as the best online tutor in the nation specializing in academic growth.

WITN News: NC K-12 students are bouncing back after Covid-19 learning loss

Jessica Bradley, Owner of The Learning Room is a guest expert on WITN to discuss NC state education test results.

Rachel Bailey's Parenting Academy
Guest Expert: Jessica Bradley
Talking to Teachers to Foster a Successful School 

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Podcast Guest: Project InBetween

In this episode of the Project In Between podcast, I have a fascinating conversation with Jessica, a former teacher who transitioned from the classroom to help students one-on-one in her business, The Learning Room. We delve into the benefits of autonomous learning and the growing homeschool movement, highlighting the importance of connecting with students on a personal level to foster a love of learning. 

Jessica Bradley, Owner of The Learning Room is a guest on The Project Invetween Podcast with Kristy Anne. Jessica discusses her journey owning the best online tutoring business.

Now13 News Interview: How post-pandemic tutoring is helping Hampton Roads students get back on track

"What we noticed if they had those foundational skills, they were really able to manage learning at home a little bit easier than if they didn't have the foundational skills if they were trying to learn those at home either with a parent or a large online setting," Jessica Bradley, a former teacher who now owns The Learning Room tutoring service, explained.

She added, "Reading and math are gonna be our core subjects until we get to about high school level and then we're gonna get to the Chemistry and the really hard math and those types of things."

View the news segment here.

Jessica Bradley is the owner of The Learning Room, which specializes in closing the academ

Tess Connolly talks with Jessica Bradley of The Learning Room about how we can reset and shift as we get ready for this school year with our tweens and teens

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The Virginian Pilot
Learning Lost: The pandemic’s lasting effects on public schools in Hampton Roads

By Kelsey Kendall and Nour Habib

Expert Jessica Bradley, owner of an online academic coaching business based in Virginia Be
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