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One-on-One Academic Coaching

Transforming struggling students into eager, happy learners
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Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve tried everything to help your struggling student, but you can’t seem to get through. They don’t qualify for extra help but they can’t keep up - you’re in limbo!

  • The school doesn’t have the resources to support your student, and although they have good intentions, their teacher is too busy to give them the help they need

  • The school struggles have started to affect other parts of home life, as well as your child’s overall mood and demeanor

  • Traditional tutoring is only addressing the surface issues (if it works at all)


First and foremost we want you to know one thing - you are not alone, and neither is your child! 

Poor academic performance often isn't due to a lack of ability, but rather mental and emotional roadblocks such as anxiety, a learning disability, or difficulty handling life changes.

This is common... but very fixable (so don’t worry!)

Academic coaching goes a step beyond tutoring and focuses on the learning processes and root causes of learning struggles in order to empower and equip students to be independent learners.


It’s one on one and incredibly effective.

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What's the secret ingredient?

Reading Tutor helping student at The Learning Room
We believe that mental and emotional health is more important than grades.
In our experience, a blended, holistic approach that addresses both the academic and the mental component of learning is the best way to help students overcome their struggles.

The results are:

A student who loves learning and ends the school day with a smile

An end to the stress and frustration you're experiencing

A more confident student that’s more adaptable to change and prepared for future challenges

A restored parent-child relationship and family dynamic (no more fighting and tears!)

You may be do we do it?
Our coaches are all experienced educators who are well-versed in the complexities of the school system and the expectations at every grade level. 
Unlike in a classroom setting, we have the time and expertise to:
  • Get to know your student as an individual 
  • Implement creative strategies that engage and get them excited about learning
  • Create a customized plan that specifically addresses their unique learning style
We act as a bridge between you, your student, and the school - connecting the dots to help you understand exactly what is expected, setting goals to meet or exceed those expectations, and coaching you through the challenges school struggles can create at home.
Learn more about us, our team, and our services here:

Or if you’re ready to get started and want a customized assessment of your situation, book a time to talk here:
Elementary School Student

"My kids love going to Ms. Jessica! Not only are they learning but they have confidence in the work they do when they have spent time with her. I cannot say enough good things about her and how she makes my children feel. She is a kind and genuine soul!"

Joanna Formosa

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