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We Are Experts in Educational Growth

We offer Customized Academic Instruction & Coaching for Students K through 12.

Is this you?

  • You are a parent or caretaker of a child in grades K-12, and you are looking for the right fit program to help your struggling child succeed.

  • You have big academic goals for your child, and want to find the right support that will prepare them academically and provide them with the right skills and mindset to succeed.

  • You are looking for a solution that Actually works and delivers true results, rather than wasting your time on ineffective bandaid approaches.

  • You want to help your child develop a strong foundation that sets them up for a lifetime of success.

  • You are looking for a solution that honors your family's values and beliefs, including freedom and flexibility. 

  • You are looking for a customized approach that is tailored to your child's exact needs and goals.

  • You are ready to end the frustration around education, and see your child succeed.

  • You are ready to see real-life progress and results, and quickly.


If this resonates with you, you are in the right place and we are here to help.

Who We Are

We are a team of education experts who are here to provide that high quality, one-on-one support to our students. 

We believe that a combination of targeted, intentional instruction, combined with academic coaching, mindset coaching, and skill building, is the way to help students succeed. 

Our staff members each have areas of specialty, such as Math, Reading, Writing, and more. 

We work with students across the K-12 spectrum
It is rare that one individual can deliver high quality instruction across the K-12 spectrum. For this reason, we have intentionally curated a staff of education experts with specialized backgrounds so that we can support students throughout the K-12 continuum. 

What is Academic Coaching?

Academic coaching goes beyond simply teaching, instructing, and tutoring. Academic Coaching is a blend of mindset coaching, skill building, problem solving, and rigor-building that empowers students to move through challenges more effectively.

When combined with Academic Instruction - like we do here at The Learning Room - children have everything they need to learn, grow, and excel for a lifetime of learning. 

Who We Help

We work with students on a variety of goals and needs, including (but not limited to) what we have listed here on our website.
Closing the Gap
We help students who are struggling or falling behind their expected grade level by helping to close
 large gaps of understanding.

We help students who have unique learning needs that have prevented them from learning in the traditional model, such as a learning disability, ADHD, or a unique learning style. 

We also work with students who are gifted and need more of a challenge than what they are currently receiving.

We help students who need more 1:1 support than an online-only program, or cookie-cutter approach. 

The Perfect Fit For Busy Families
Many families we work with have one or two caretakers that are successful entrepreneurs, and need a specialized support system tailored to your lifestyle and needs. 

Many of our families travel, and need solutions that accommodate this non-traditional lifestyle.
We are a perfect fit solution for families who travel and are looking for high quality, effective, virtual Academic Coaching and Instruction for your child(ren).

Tailored to your Child and Family's Needs.
Many of our families we work with have very unique circumstances.

No matter what your family's unique needs are circumstances are, we are here to help. We complete a comprehensive initial assessment to make sure that we create a customized-to-you plan that meets your
child and family's needs. 

During your initial assessment, we discuss your child's goals, needs, strengths, and growth opportunities to determine if and how we can help your child succeed.

Want to know more about whether we can help you? Apply now and we will be in touch to discuss your child's goals and whether we are able to help.
Our Approach.png

How we help: Our Approach

We know that more tutoring, a new curriculum, changing schools, or trying harder simply won't work.

Our team of experts are here to help your child reach their goals and support them each step of the way.

Unlike most programs, our approach directly addresses and strengthens foundational gaps rather than continuing to build on a weak foundation.

Our competitors are focused on moving students through a cookie cutter approach, whereas we take the time and energy to develop a tailored plan to meet your learner's unique needs.

Many other programs are too focused on surface level "activity completion", rather than addressing what the learner actually doesn't understand.

We go beyond the task at hand to address what the learner doesn't understand, and we coach our students on problem solving, mindset, rigor, and skill building to help them become stronger life long learners. 

We see the big picture and know how to effectively assess and fill the student's learning gaps.

Our comprehensive and individualized approach is THE way that students achieve actual, tangible, long-term results. 

At The Learning Room, we are Pioneering a new way of Academic Instruction and Coaching; one that emphasizes the whole child and sets them up for a lifetime of success.
The Learning Room's Student Process. 1, Assess and Evaluate, 2. Choose a program, 3. Build your childs custom tutoring plan, 4. Lets get started online tutoring.

Our Results: We Go Beyond "Grades"

The Learning Room Online tutoring students

All of our students make progress academically.

The majority of our students reach their goals and graduate the program, which is rare for the Academic Coaching & Instruction industry.

Many of our students decide to stay with us after the graduate because they enjoy the growth, confidence, and enrichment that our program provides them with. 

The Learning Room Online Tutoring Student

Our students also consistently reach their academic goals, and build a strong academic foundation.


AND, our results go beyond *just* improved academic outcomes.

All of our learners. build the confidence, skills, and mindset needed for a lifetime of successful learning.

These skills also translate outside of the world of academics, too!

Our Results
Student Growth and Achievement


of our students achieve significant academic growth as a result of working with us.


The amount of grade levels our students make in growth in just 6 months

(on average)


The typical amount of hours spent per week per student to achieve this growth.


All of our students report across-the board growth and increased self confidence after working with us.

Ready to get started?
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Recent Student Success

A homeschool student that started with us two full years behind her same age peers. Working with Ms. Mariah she has made one full year of math growh in 6 months of instruction, in just two math sessions a week.

A second grade homeschool student came to us unable to read. Ms. Jessica had her reading after six hours of instruction.

A reading student at a top rated school using a highly regarded curriculum still unable to make growth. Ms. Jana has developed a custom process that has him excelling.

A Kindergarten student attending an independent school but still was struggling with identifying letters and numbers in December. In just sixteen hours of instruction with Ms. Geena he can now: recognize numbers up to 100, write numbers up to 30, knows all his letters + sounds, reading CVC words, and is currently working on blending sounds.

We are the leaders in the world of Customized, 1-to-1 Academic Coaching and Instruction, and we are here to help your child learn, grow, and succeed.

Ready to get started?
Contact us today for your
FREE Consultation.

Learn more about us, our team, and our services here: 

"My kids love going to Ms. Jessica! Not only are they learning but they have confidence in the work they do when they have spent time with her. I cannot say enough good things about her and how she makes my children feel. She is a kind and genuine soul!"

Joanna Formosa

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