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Student Spotlight: Luke's Learning Journey

Here at The Learning Room we believe in celebrating the successes of our students, big and small! Whether a student has achieved a personal or academic goal, student success is at the heart of our work. In our series, Student Spotlight, we highlight what a partnership with a Learning Room academic coach can do for gifted learners.

As a rising 4th grader, Luke was a high achieving reader however struggled in math with multiplication fact fluency, data analysis and measurement. Luke had a strong foundation of learning to build on and picked up new information quickly. 

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Enter The Learning Room

Working with Kelly for 2 hours per week, Luke made over half a grade level of math growth in just 3 months of instruction. Luke came to us already a grade level above in his reading accuracy however he grew tremendously in his reading comprehension and is now reading and understanding texts a full grade level above his age!  

So…how did we do it? 

Every student that comes through The Learning Room starts with an assessment. During Luke’s initial math assessment our staff noticed that Luke had some gaps in his math understanding especially in multiplication, data analysis and measurement. This discovery is precisely why we begin with a comprehensive assessment prior to instruction. Our initial assessments allow our team of academic coaches to uncover the core issue and what is hindering academic progress in our students. His reading scores were above average for his grade level but we supported him in continuing to make reading gains. 

What we did

After Luke’s initial assessment, Kelly knew that Luke needed consistent and clear practice to grow his math skills and strategies. A big piece of Luke’s math intervention was building up his understanding of multiplication to help make his multiplication facts automatic. Not only did Kelly focus on Luke’s fact fluency with practice like Time4Learning Multiplication* and Xtra Math but also embedded the other areas of struggle to target Luke’s gaps with efficiency. 

After just 3 months of instruction, Luke has grown more than half a grade level! His overall growth was 16% percent, with his initial weak spots of measurement and data analysis growing 26% and 59% respectively. While Luke came to us able to decode higher level texts, working on his reading comprehension with Kelly helped Luke achieve half a grade level of reading comprehension growth as well. Now Luke is reading and comprehending fifth grade level texts as a fourth grader! We are so proud of all of Luke’s hard work and accomplishments while at The Learning Room! 

While Luke’s struggles may not be your child's struggles, know that Luke’s success at the Learning Room is a reality for many students that receive our services! Our team is dedicated to individualized, consistent and rigorous instruction to help your child reach their learning goals!

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* The math and reading programs we use with our enrolled students are included in tuition. There is no additional charge for access to these tools while students are enrolled.

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