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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between an academic coach and a tutor? 


In a nutshell, many tutors focus on the issues with grades and schoolwork directly, whereas an academic coach is focused on the learning processes and the root causes of learning struggles. When this is properly addressed, it not only helps the surface issues with grades and schoolwork but it empowers and equips students to become confident, independent learners. You can learn more about what academic coaching is here and more about our process here


At what age should a child have a coach or a tutor?


We offer coaching starting at the kindergarten level, and we believe that’s the earliest it should begin. All children develop at different rates, and we need to respect and honor their individual paths.  Kindergarten is typically the point in time when you would start noticing any red flags that suggest your child might need extra support.


How do I know when my child needs a coach or a tutor?


Families should seek support when their student is behind their peers, when they express frustration with their classes or a general dislike of school, or when they have a lack of confidence or fear/anxiety around it. Prior to beginning any academic coaching program, we’ll do a thorough assessment to learn where your child is at and then recommend a course of action. It’s possible a traditional tutor will fit your needs, and we’ll always be transparent about whether or not academic coaching is a fit for you. You can learn more about how our process works here


Is getting a coach worth it? Will it really help my child?


Students who receive tutoring regularly report an increase in confidence and motivation at school.  Many of our clients tell us that working with a coach has changed their child's entire school experience. Grades are just the beginning - our mission is to get them excited about learning, give them the confidence to handle new challenges, and change their attitude toward school. But don’t take our word for it! Read through our testimonials to hear what our clients have said about the results. 


How much coaching does a child need? How long will they need coaching?


Similar to working with a personal trainer, the more frequently you meet with your coach, the faster you will see results. We suggest starting with tutoring a minimum of twice a week to jump-start the learning process. Then when the child has made significant growth, it may be appropriate to move to once a week. Many students benefit from a long-term coaching arrangement, but the length of time is dependent on each child’s unique situation.


How do you plan what to work on?


Much of this work begins with the initial assessment we perform prior to starting coaching. We are able to gauge where your child is at and provide some preliminary thoughts on what you can expect and how we would proceed. After the assessment, we prepare a preliminary plan that gets us started, but this plan is typically adjusted as we get to your know child and learn more about the mental component of what’s holding them back. In every case, the approach is personalized and tailored to your student - there’s no “one-size-fits-all” plan. You can learn more about our process here. 


What happens in a session? Do the parents watch?


Unlike a traditional tutoring session, we try not to spend the time working on homework - although that can be part of it. We like to focus on the bigger picture concepts that are keeping them from understanding and completing the assignments. Depending on your child’s specific needs, struggles, and triggers, we may play a game or do other activities designed to help them understand concepts in a way that appeals to them and gets them excited about learning.  


We find the student opens up much more when the parent is not in the room. But we understand that as a parent, you want to know what’s going on! We have the ability to record our sessions for you to review afterward. 


What are the computer requirements to participate in online tutoring? 


Sessions are conducted via Zoom, which can be accessed via a computer or tablet.


How can you see what they're doing on their paper?


Using Zoom's shared screen feature, the student and the coach are able to write on the same screen.  If the child has a worksheet from school they need help with, we’ll have you take a picture and send it prior to the session. The coach can then share the image with zoom, and both write on it together. 


Is there homework or things we need to work on outside of the sessions?


We’ll recommend ways to reinforce and encourage what we cover in our sessions, but “homework” outside of the sessions is not required. That being said, you can typically see results more quickly if you encourage healthy academic habits (like reading for pleasure ) in your everyday lives.


Do you help homeschool students? 


We are completely supportive of the homeschooling community and have helped many homeschool families over the past few years. In fact, they make up about half of our business! We believe that the public school system in many areas is broken and that each child is an individual and should be educated as such. If you have the ability to homeschool your children and that’s the right choice for your family, we want to support you! When working with a homeschool family, we stay connected with the educational leader in the home to ensure our lessons are complementing each other. You can learn more about homeschool coaching here. 


What qualifications do your coaches have? 


Each of our coaches is a current or former classroom teacher with bachelor’s degrees and in some cases, advanced degrees. They became coaches so they could reach students more directly in a one-on-one setting, creating a personalized plan of action that they weren’t able to offer in the classroom. 


How long have you been in business?


The Learning Room has been serving students and their families since 2018. You can learn more about each coach’s experience and background here.


How much does it cost? 


Our rates can be found on our pricing page.

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