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Our Story, Mission & Values

A note from our founder Jessica…


I will never forget how it felt to sit in a classroom and not understand. On top of that, not knowing where to turn for help. I have very few positive school memories, and while I was blessed to have plenty of supportive people in my life to help me, none of them truly knew how I felt. In many ways, I walked my path to success feeling alone. 


It took me a long time to make peace with the fact I learn differently than others. But my experience has been one of the biggest assets in my work as an educator. I became a teacher to reach students like me. But after four years in the classroom, I realized I could make more of an impact outside of it.


That’s when I decided to transition into virtual, one-on-one tutoring and coaching. It allowed me to focus on students’ mental and emotional health and helping them discover their learning styles. I can talk with each of my students about what they are thinking and feeling, and I can easily connect with them and identify with their situation. 


As The Learning Room has grown, I’ve sought out experienced and talented educators that have a heart for struggling students just like I do. You can meet them here! We go above and beyond to cater to each student's specific needs. Our goal to make each students’ educational journey a positive one, and above all else, make sure they know they are not alone.


About The Learning Room - Our Mission and Values

At The Learning Room, we believe that mental and emotional health is more important than grades. When students aren't meeting expectations in core areas such as reading and math, they experience a wide range of emotions - from feeling frustrated and defeated, to alone and incapable. It becomes a self-fulling cycle that continues and often worsens until it's broken, which can lead to feelings of hopelessness. 

Despite how dire the situation may seem, these struggles CAN be resolved through 1:1, personalized instruction from an academic coach who will develop a custom plan based on the student's needs and learning style. Our blended, holistic approach addresses both the academic and the mental components of learning. This method, combined with the experience, expertise, and compassion of our academic coaches results in steady and oftentimes drastic improvements in your student’s performance and attitude toward school.

Our holistic approach also extends to our students’ families. We know how school struggles can impact you as a parent, and we want you to know we’re here for you, too! Partnering with The Learning Room will relieve the stress and frustration you're experiencing and help restore a healthy parent-child relationship and family dynamic. Your child will become more confident, more adaptable to change, and will end the school day smiling and looking forward to the next school day. 

Are you ready to turn the tension and tears into smiles and success? Take a look around, and book a time for a personalized assessment so we can learn more about your situation and see if we’re a fit!

Jessica Bradley, Academic Coach for students struggling to read. She also helps children who hate math and need math tutoring..
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