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Our Signature Assessment Process

Why we use Assessments

Most tutoring and academic coaching companies use an assessment to determine what level program to start in.


We use our own uniquely designed assessment to create a customized intervention for your child.


We think of learning gaps like a sponge - Our assessment allows us to identify those holes in learning and fill them so your child can succeed academically long term. 

What Makes Our Assessment Different

We use a combination of standardized testing plus customized assessment to determine your students’ gaps in learning.


Because of the complexity of our assessments, they can only be conducted by experts in the educational field. We custom create these assessments to help your child fill in the gaps for long term learning.


This also allows us to measure academic growth over time, which also helps your child build confidence in their learning abilities.

How the Assessment Works

include online, what parts are included, how long it takes, how you keep kiddos engaged. Include that it is facilitated by a trained teacher/expert who is applying their specific skill set to assess the sponge. 

What Happens After The Assessment

After the assessment, we recommend which package the best fit based on your child's needs and goals. We will recommend what level of intervention is needed and what to focus on based on the results.


Once you choose your package, our staff then creates individualized lesson plans to work with your child and combine it with our academic coaching.

Assessment Pricing

  • Standalone Assessment: $250 ($297 with Advanced Math Included)

  • Assessment Type #2: Valued at $197

  • Our custom assessments: Valued at $97

  • Add on math assessment: $97

You get all of this for only $197!

($250 with math included)

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