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Our Approach:
Academic Growth for a Lifetime of Learning Success

Why Flashcards and
Traditional Tutoring isn't working
(and what we do instead)

Video 1 Key Points:


  • Academic Growth requires an individualized approach.

  • Most big tutoring companies don’t offer an individual approach.

  • Your child needs to fill in the gaps to have a solid foundation for growth.

  • Franchise companies use assessments to place your child in their curriculum.

  • We use assessments to customize an individualized growth plan for your child.

  • We make it fun too, so your kiddo looks forward to working with us!

Our Approach: How we help our students achieve rapid academic growth.

Video 2 Key Points:


  • We specialize in closing academic gaps as quickly as possible.  

  • We use our unique assessment to get to the root of the problem.

  • Not all academic problems show on the surface.

  • We don’t just focus on the academic lessons. We consider their stress level and their time management skills, and we work that into our lessons so that we’re addressing your child as a whole and supporting them rather than solely focusing on academics.

Combining Academic Instruction with Academic Coaching - The Key to Long Term Student Success and Confidence.

Video 3 Key Points:

  • We design our interventions to help your child graduate from our services

  • Our ultimate goal is to help your child develop the skills to graduate from our services and succeed long-term.

  • We use whole-child techniques in addition to customized academic instruction.

  • We aren’t just creating academic growth; we are also increasing confidence and motivation for learning in general.

  • Academic support helps your child get excited about school and learning

  • Our approach reduces stress on your entire household 

  • Our support helps reduce student stress

  • Academic growth can also facilitate positive impacts on peer relationships

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Our Results
Student Growth and Achievement


of our students achieve significant academic growth as a result of working with us.


The amount of grade levels our students make in growth in just 6 months

(on average)


The typical amount of hours spent per week per student to achieve this growth.


All of our students report across-the board growth and increased self confidence after working with us.

Jessica has helped my son bring up his reading and math levels, but has also helped his confidence soar! I’ve watched him be able to connect with another adult and he has found a new love for reading, not just for school assignments but for fun!! This is our second school year working with Jessica and plan on continuing each year! Thank you Jessica for your love and passion for teaching.

TaCora DeVore-Freeman

Jessica is an amazing teacher. My daughter used to struggle with math. She would cry while doing her homework. Jessica has worked with my daughter to close learning gaps, build confidence, and stamina to stay focused on problems. My daughter is excelling in math now, and says it is her favorite subject. Amazing!

Joanie Lane

Jessica was able to get my son to believe that he COULD write. We've been struggling with his writing since third grade, and now that he's in high school there are many writing demands. I seriously did not know how we were going to get him through. Jessica was able to break it down into a formula his brain could process. No more tears when he has to write! thank you Jessica!!!

Stacy Gilmore

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