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Get Writing Ready: Let Us Write Lesson Plans For You!

In the world of teaching and learning there are a few fundamental truths; you can never have too many pencils, the tissue box is always empty and you can always count on kids to ask you “What are we doing?” after you’ve explained the directions three or four times. Another fundamental truth of teaching and learning is that modeling is best practice. Kids learn best when they have a clear and concise model to follow in order to produce their best work. This truth carries into all kinds of instruction, including writing. Writing is arguably one of the trickiest subjects to model and teach because so much of the writing process is internal and metacognitive. If writing instruction is overwhelming you, let us get you writing ready using our differentiated text-based writing products. Each product is packed with everything you need to build an engaging writing unit…stress-free! In addition to original articles, graphic organizers and final draft paper, each print and go writing resource includes a “Writing Add-Ons” section to help you build an awesome writing unit that will engage your learners and help them find success as writers! Let’s dive in!

About Writing Lesson Add Ons

These add-ons are intended to be used as you see fit with your learners! Each writing packet can be used with or without these additional resources however they provide an extra layer of support for both you and your learners.

Picture Quick Write

What is a quick write?

Pre-writing doesn’t happen before the writing process, it is the first step of the writing process. Quick writes are a great way to practice pre-writing in a low-stress way for learners. A quick write gives students a chance to write anything and everything that comes to mind about a topic. This will help them to develop their opinion about the topic.

Benefits of quick writes:

Quick writes allow learners to brainstorm without the pressures that writing typically brings. In this exercise, writers can put their ideas onto paper without worrying about spelling, grammar or other conventions. Quick writes also benefit you, as well! Quick writes take a snapshot of what each learner knows not only about the topic, but also about the conventions and mechanics of writing. You can use this snapshot to help guide your instruction.

A Quick Write in Action from our Tiny Home Opinion Writing Resource

This page can be used as a fun way to introduce the activity and a way to evaluate students’ prior knowledge about tiny homes before they read the articles or the prompt.

Unpacking the Prompt

Understanding the prompt is the first step to making learners successful essay writers.

A writing prompt gives writers a lot of information. It tells them what kind of writing they should be producing- opinion, narrative, persuasive or informative. It also tells writers what should be included in their writing such as an introduction, conclusion, text evidence, and more.

Benefits of unpacking the prompt:

Writing is a very internal, thoughtful and sometimes difficult process. More than that, different kinds of writing call for different levels of difficulty. For example, a learner may have an easier time writing a letter to a friend than writing an essay. For prompt based writing exercises, like the ones shown here, there is an added layer of difficulty for young writers..reading comprehension. In order for learners to be successful essay writers, they need to practice reading and understanding writing prompts.